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Barn Hangar
Photo Bill Allen.  Click to enlarge.

Allen Airways Flying Museum was started officially in the 1980s by Willis M. Allen, Jr.  His fascination with aviation and collecting started in about the 5th grade (1957) in San Diego.  Today the diverse collection contains over 10,000 items, including a significant library, aviation and aviation movie posters, head gear, propellers, collections pertaining to historic individuals, aviation art, airplanes, and automobilia.  The museum aircraft collection includes the following: a 1929 Boeing F4B-1 Navy Fighter, a 1930 Stearman C3R, and a 1940 RYAN Sport Trainer Military (STM-2).   More about these planes on the collections page - click here

The Museum
Photo Todd Bohlman.  Click to enlarge.
  Inside Main Hangar - white roof at left
Photo Larry Brooks.  Click to enlarge.

Ryan Military Trainer
Photo Larry Brooks.  Click to enlarge.
The mission of the museum is multi-faceted in that the collections have been put together due to opportunities to acquire significant material that otherwise might never have been preserved in one location. The aircraft represent another series of opportunities involving many very interesting people spanning several countries around the world. There were purchases, trades, projects, etc.

However, the most significant aspect of the mission is the desire to share this material with other museums, authors, artists, aviation organizations, and those individuals who express a passionate interest in aviation history.

Show Hangar
Photo Larry Brooks.  Click to enlarge

Lastly, there is a need for support to offset some of the costs of operating and maintaining the museum.  Therefore, we offer one of the best and most unique venues in San Diego for corporate events. We also host an annual fly-in, The Western Pacific Regional Stearman Fly-in, and we support aviation-related events both local and global.



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