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LOOPING THE LOOP, Posters of Flight
By Henry Serrano Villard and Willis M. Allen, Jr.
With Foreword by Jack Rennert
102 color plates of early flight posters, most from the AAFM collection
Autographed by Willis M. Allen, Jr.
$40.00 includes shipping within the U.S.




Allen Airways Flying Museum has artifacts on loan to, or has loaned to, the following organizations.

  • Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
  • San Diego Air & Space Museum
  • Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum
  • Planes of Fame Air Museum
  • Experimental Aircraft Assn. Museum
  • USS Midway Museum
  • 99s Museum of Women Pilots
  • San Diego Museum of Art

We can assist with museum traveling exhibits and can loan artifacts from our collection under loan guidelines.













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